Electrical Control System


The MBBR is controlled from the electrical control panel, which houses a plc and hmi control system.

The MBBR system consists of two blower motors (one duty and one standby) and one/two feed pumps. The blowers are connected to Eaton VSD’s within the electrical panel. The speed of the blowers can be controlled by adjustment of a potentiometer in the electrical panel.

The speed of the blowers will be optimised on commissioning and thereafter should not need further adjustment during normal operation.

The touch screen and can be configured to suit the customer’s requirements. The system can also be fully integrated into an existing Scada system.

The system allows the customer to see the pump/blower hours run as well as various alarms, which are too numerous to mention.

The screen can be provided in various sizes, based on client preference. The system is now supplied with a ten-inch screen as standard, to provide the customer with better clarity and definition.

The picture opposite shows the hmi screen in manual mode.

From this screen, an operator can run the blowers, pumps in manual mode as well as see any major fault and reset any fault.

Access to the various screens and controls, can be password controlled, so only certain staff have access to specific pages within the hmi screen.  

The alarm page shows the basic alarms. The alarms can be configured to suit the end customers requirements. The alarms can be linked so they inform the operator or client company an alarm has been detected. 

In respect of the basic alarms, they are as shown. Any additional alarms can be provided, but at an additional cost to the customer.